Update from your Cornwall Councillor Mick Martin

Council Matters:

I will concentrate my report on the problems experienced by some residents in Withiel regarding the new waste collection contract which also incorporates the alternate two weekly recycling and green waste collections.

To say there have been problems in the east of the county is frankly an understatement. At a recent Member briefing at County Hall and an update given to the Cabinet Waste Development Panel (on which I am a member) the feedback still wasn’t good. According to Cory International, 98% of all homes had received a satisfactory collection service; however that still left some 7,000 homes who didn’t receive a good enough service.

The continual ‘missed’ collections (mainly recycling) went far beyond the expected teething troubles from the outset. I am not apportioning blame here but speaking personally I was not impressed by the promises that were continually broken to customers who finally managed to report missed collections. On more than one occasion I had asked for call-handlers and on returned emails not to state that the matter would be dealt with within two working days. In more cases than not this never happened so why give customers false optimism was my response.

Following on from the continual problems of missed collections and the apparent non-emptying of litter and dog bins Council Members were given direct access to the Council waste co-ordinators who have been working tirelessly trying to get the service back on track. Thankfully I can report things have improved since this inception.

However there is still one major thorny issue affecting many residents throughout the parish and that is the non-delivery of the new recycling bags and bins and the non-delivery of the pre-paid green garden waste containers.  Many residents have still not received their new containment equipment to use on recycling days. I was surprised to learn that Cory management do not have a list of properties that have received the new bags and bins. So in essence we are now working blind and have to rely on you, the resident, to let us know that you haven’t received your new containment.

To that end if you have not yet received your new recycling bags or bins or your pre-ordered green waste container then you must please report the matter direct to the Council on 0300 1234 141, or via their website www.cornwall.gov.uk or to me if you prefer.

Please remember to give your full home address including postcode and telephone contact number.

I think we will be getting there eventually but it has been a long journey for some and I can only apologise and fully accept your frustrations.

Parish Matters:

As a point of interest I am still very active in pushing for the A30 to be dualled at Temple and a lot of work has been carried out over the past year. Unfortunately we were due to meet with the Transport Minister, Mike Penning MP, this month to discuss the dualling but it was cancelled at very short notice. Hopefully we will have another meeting arranged in late June or July. This in no way affects the preparatory works that are still ongoing behind the scenes; it is just an unfortunate inconvenience when we were all buoyed up ready for the meeting.

As usual I am more than willing to discuss local issues; I am contactable via my Council e-mail mmartin@cornwall.gov.uk or please contact me on my home telephone 01208 821 200 if the matter is really urgent.


Mick Martin – Cornwall Councillor – Lanivet Division