Withiel Parish Council Minutes of the Meeting held on 7 November 2012

Withiel Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall at 7.15pm on
Wednesday 7th November 2012

Present: Cllr J Piper, Cllr N Mather, Cllr M Biddick, Cllr D Hore, Cllr E Harper, Cllr W I Martyn. Parish Clerk: Mrs C Wilson.
Also Present: Cornwall Cllr M Martin and 7 members of the public.

Cllr Piper welcomed all and gave invitation to members of the public to address the meeting.


Mrs J Pentland:
• Important to remember the Parish Magazine & the May Election in the precept.
• Objects to the fact that meeting times are often changed.
• Concerned about increasing industrialisation of the Southeast border of the Parish near the A30; e.g. today’s planning applications at Higher Brynn Farm, then also the containers and scaffolding. Industry such as this is more suited to an industrial park like Victoria, not a rural parish. The lane is unsuitable for heavy traffic. We don’t want an industrial park.
• It seems now people can build or change anything and then easily receive retroactive planning approved.

Mr R Thomas:
• Neighbourhood Development Act is needed to avoid further industrialisation.
• Was the work on Footpaths & Stiles advertised? The Chairman explained, yes, Footpaths was advertised; Stiles was not expected to be such a big job. (see Item 9)
• Playing Field Assoc. didn’t know about the £300 from Bodmin Forum Grant. The Chairman explained that the Council took advantage of the Grant because it was about to close; the money is at the disposal if the PFA. (see 4c)

1. Members’ declarations of interest: None.

2. Apologies for absence: PCSO Lloyd Paynter, Cllr D Hancock

3. Minutes: The minutes of the public meeting of 3rd October 2012 were approved and signed. Carried unanimously.

4. Matters Arising:

a. Cllr Mather’s Register of Interest handed in. All Registers complete.

b. Code of Conduct for Parish Councils is now in its final form and will be posted on the website. Hard copies given to Councillors who request it.

c. Bodmin Forum Grant. Cllr Mather reports that we now have a check for £300.00 for the use of the Playing Field Assoc. It will be deposited in the Council account and earmarked for the PFA.

d. Ruthern Chapel. On-going complaints about blocked access to the river beside the Chapel will be forwarded to the Highway department by Cllr Mather and the Clerk. Cllr Harper drove down to the river in his tractor one Sunday to make sure it was still open.

e. Ruthern Chapel. A dormer window is allegedly in breach of planning permission and the issue has been brought to the attention of Planning Investigation Unit (PIU).

f. Joint Community Network Meeting, 29th October. Cllr Mather was unable to attend as planned but will attend future meetings.

g. Business for the Next Meeting. In future this will be an Agenda item.
i. Bus Shelter; proposed by Cllr Martyn
ii. Motorcycling; proposed by Cllr Mather

5. Finance: Payments due. All paid. Proposed, Cllr Hore. Second, Cllr Martyn.

a. Clerk’s salary & expenses £ 159.73.
b. Northcliffe Media £262.80
c. Footpaths £540.00; LMP Grant repayment maximum £265.00.
d. Stiles £1,098.00
e. Clerk’s course WWYC £240.00. Bursary of £75.00 is being applied for.

6. Precept: Parish Precept for Apr 2013 – Mar 2014 will be £4,100.00. Proposed, Cllr Mather. Seconded, Cllr Biddock.

7. Remembrance Sunday: Cllr Piper will present the Poppy Wreath.

8. Planning:

NB: At the request of CC, applications b, c, & d will be re-evaluated at an Extra-ordinary Meeting on 14 Nov, because they have new (more accurate) descriptions.
NB: ••• signifies the response of Withiel Parish Council which was posted online.  See all comments for each application on the CC website.

a. PA12/08570. Demolition of cottage and construction of replacement dwelling, detached garage and associated works. Lower Brynn Cottage Lower Brynn Roche St Austell Cornwall PL26 8LH.
Two members of the design team attended the meeting and kindly answered all the Councillors questions.
Objection. Proposed, Cllr Mather. Second, Cllr Harper.

b. PA12/08674. Construction of new commercial building for light industrial use with subsidiary office space. Higher Brynn Farm Roche St. Austell PL26 8LH.
Objection. Proposed, Cllr Mather. Second, Cllr Biddock.
••• The Council strongly objects to this building because it is part of the unplanned piecemeal growth of commercial buildings in this area. This area is taking on the appearance of an unplanned industrial estate. Business development is good for the economy, but it must go through the correct channels with input from the Parish.

c. PA12/08675. Retention of part existing light industrial B1(c) use class and change of use of part to retail A1 use class. Timber Store UK, Higher Brynn Farm Roche St. Austell PL26 8LH.
Support. Proposed, Cllr Harper. Second, Cllr Biddock. Objection by Cllr Mather.
••• Though this is part of the unchecked piecemeal industrial/commercial development, there is no objection to the change of use in this part to retail.

d. PA12/08673. Retention of part light industrial B1(c) use class and change of use of part to retail A1 use class. Higher Brynn Farm Roche St. Austell PL26 8LH.
Support. Proposed, Cllr Harper. Second, Cllr Biddock. Objection by Cllr Mather.
••• Though this is part of the unchecked piecemeal industrial/commercial development, there is no objection to the change of use in this part to retail.

9. Footpaths:

a. Hamish Gordon, Countryside Officer, & Cllr Piper liaised in May re stiles on the blocked footpath from Little Whitehay to Blackhay. H Gordon provided materials. Cllr Hore explained that the work took much longer than expected, but has been done to a very high standard, thanks to Max Simpson’s work.

b. Cllr Piper will be in discussion with the two landowners about the stile that is not dog-friendly. No solution has yet been found for the wide hedge.

c. Cllr N Mather volunteered to be Footpath Officer. Carried unanimously.

d. It is agreed that all future maintenance of stiles will be at the cost of the landowner. Maintenance by the landowner has been customary in Withiel Parish. If necessary the Council will write to the landowners in question.

10. Correspondence:

a. PCSO 30273 Paynter is available every 1st Wed 10 am, Withiel Hall car park.

I am delighted to advise the members that there have been no reported crimes in the period since my last report on 03/10/12. Let us hope that the trend continues. There was a theft of sheep which occurred at Tremore Farm within the past few weeks. 20 sheep were taken in two lots of ten. The farm falls within Lanivet Parish but it is a bit close to home. Sadly, another farmer at St Breward has suffered a similar theft of sheep, again ten being the figure. The fact that it was ten sheep again in a different area points to the fact that we may well have people targeting farms with a large four by four vehicle or small trailer? Please people, keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour.
I would like to draw your attention to Community Cashback which has just become available this week. Details of the scheme, and how to apply for cash from it is available from our website and via the local press. The funding has been available thanks to money recovered from the proceeds of crime.
Finally, a reminder that I do have paint and stain available for community projects. Other Councils have taken advantage of this kind donation by Messrs Techbuild of Bodmin. Please drop me a line for details.

b. Flooded Roads. A member of the public informed the Council by email, with photos, of a frequently flooded road: the short road between Retire and the crossroads above Bob Ferkins (Ella’s lane). Cllr Harper also said that between Inches Crossroads – South up to the entrance to R. Matthews’ place – it also floods. CC Martin will send the information on to the Highways Dept.

c. Notice of Poll – Police & Crime Commissioner Election – 15 Nov 2012 (see Notice Board)

d. PHIL – Promoting Health Information Line. (see poster at Notice Board or Hall).

e. South Western Ambulance Services – Right Care Initiative. A 999 call no longer automatically results in an emergency ambulance. (See poster in the Hall. Short film on DVD is available from the Clerk.)

f. Local Council Planning Forum – meeting Tues 13 November. Cllr Piper will try to attend.

g. Sustainable Transport Group – meeting 26 Nov to discuss 20 mph speed limits. Cllrs declined to attend.

h. St Agnes Council is conducting a survey about Council office space requirements for compliance with the Localism Act. The Clerk will reply.

i. The Green Waste Company invited the Councillors to visit their recycling facility at Higher Brynn Farm. The Clerk will reply to suggest Saturday 8th December, 10 am. If accepted, a notice will be placed in the Parish Mag for those who wish to attend.

11. CC M Martin’s November Report. Cornwall Councillor – Lanivet Division.

• The Leader of the Cornwall Council has been removed. There is fresh air in CC with changes for the better.
• The decision for Shared Service/Joint Partnership privatisation of CC duties is deferred until December. The full council, not just the cabinet, will take the decision.
• The incinerator in St Dennis will go ahead.
• Motorcycling is still an issue. There was a fairly serious accident on the site last month and the incident is being investigated.

12. Date of Next Meeting:

a. Extra-ordinary Meeting, Wed, 14 November 2012, 7.15 pm to discuss planning applications.
b. Wed, 12th December 2012, 7.15 pm (because of the Clerk’s absence on the 1st Wed of the month.) Cllr Piper thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 10.15 pm.

Christine Wilson – Parish Clerk
10 November 2012