Withiel Parish Council Agenda for Meeting to be held on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 via Skype

The following business to be transacted:-

  1. Apologies for non-attendance
  2. Public Forum (If any members of the public raise anything I will include
    here and circulate to Councillors)
  3. Monthly Cornwall Councillor Report (if any – will be circulated by email
    prior to the meeting)
  4. Members Declaration of Interest in items raised on the Agenda/Requests
    for Dispensation (Please email your declarations)
  5. Confirmation of Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 5th August
  6. Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting held on the 5th August 2020
    which are not on the agenda
  7. Signing of Minutes already ratified during Covid-19 of the Monthly
    Meetings held on the 1st April; 6th May; 3rd June and 1st July 2020
  8. Planning Applications received at the meeting and prior to the meeting;
    Planning Pre-Applications; Planning Results; Planning Correspondence;
    Any letters received for or against any Planning Applications –
    PA20/06496 – M. Pumphrey – New general purpose secure storage
    building, Pleasant Streams, Withiel; PA20/04788 – Mrs. Kate Cherry –
    Use of holiday cottage as permanent residence, Stable Cottage,
    Tregawne, Withiel
  9. Cornwall Council’s Planning Live Event on Planning Reform 2020 –
    Report from Councillor D. Cubitt
    10.Climate Emergency DPD – Consultation on Draft Planning Policy –
    Update from Chair and Councillor A. Lake
    11.New Webchat Times Young People Cornwall – Update from Chair
    12.Setting up of New Neighbourhood Watch Scheme – Update from Chair
    13.Monthly Accounts Payable and Received for Approval and Any Financial
    Matters (Including applications for Grants & Donations if received) to be
    advised at the meeting. Grant Applications received as follows: (a) On
    behalf of the Withiel Public Access Defibrillator a Grant for £1,000 for the
    associated internet connection to the Village Hall; (b) On behalf of the
    Withiel Public Access Defibrillator a Grant for £160 + £32 VAT for
    monitoring the PAD via the internet; (c) On behalf of the Withiel Village
    Website a Grant of £1,000 for Dinah Crellin’s Fees and Site Hosting
    14.Updated Financial Regulations to be reviewed and approved
    15.Bodmin Community Network – Update from Chair
    16.Correspondence received to date by email and post and not included on
    the agenda (already circulated)
    17.Any urgent matters the Chairman considers relevant for this meeting (For
    Information Only and any Items that may be required to include on the
    next agenda)
    18.Date of next On-line Meeting and Meetings for 2020 – Wednesday, 7th
    October, 4th November, 2nd December 2020 (Including Discussion on
    possibility of changing meeting time from 7.15pm to 7.00pm)
    Note: For further details about planning applications, note the reference
    number(s) and go to the Cornwall Council Website to view: