Withiel Parish Plan – December 2003


The steering committee has been meeting and now finalised the questionnaire. It will be ready during early January when it will be delivered to your homes. Remember, the purpose of the Parish Plan is to set out a vision of how the community as a whole wants our parish to develop during the next five to ten years and identify the actions necessary to achieve it. Therefore it is in every ones interest to complete it so that the end plan is truly representative.

The questionnaire will be clearly laid out in tick form with plenty of space for additional comments. The committee members will be only too happy to help those that need it to fill in their questionnaires.

The committee members are Mr. D. Lawrence, Mr. R. Thomas, Mrs. S. Kirkby, Mr. & Mrs. R. Renouf, Mr. B. Cole, Mr. D. Harris, Mrs. M. Lawrence, Mr. K. Horrell, Mr. M. Biddick and Mr. J. Piper.

Sue Kirkby

(from the Withiel News & Views Dec’03)