Withiel Parish Plan – March 2005

(from the Withiel News & Views Mar ’05)

Copies of the Parish plan are available; we will place copies in the Village Hall and display a copy in die notice board in the village. We cannot give everyone a copy because of the cost of producing them (you will understand why when you see the quality of the final document.) If you would like a copy please contact any member of the Parish Plan Steering Committee.

Parish Plan Actions

The Parish Plan was divided into eight sections. They were Housing, Employment, Transport and Highways, Education, Local services. Environmental Issues, Sport and Recreation, and Information and Local Government.

The information which was contained in the questionnaires was analysed and from the information available we identified the issues that most people would like to see addressed. Those that required immediate action are as follows:-

Housing – Provision and development of additional for local people
That we should seek clarification on the criteria for the development of low cost housing to rent or buy. We should obtain independent assessment of die need for low cost housing within die Parish.

Employment -Telecommunications
Continue to lobby BT and Act now to provide die necessary upgrade to the local infrastructure to allow the provision of Broadband to home and businesses in the Parish. This has in the main been achieved, not by use but in an upgrade in the technology. If you didn’t know contact BT and they will advise you about the provision of Broadband.

Employment- Provision of Shop/ Post Office / Licensed Premises
Because of the overwhelming support for these facilities we should explore die availability of grants to obtain or establish such premises.

Transport and Highways – Community Transport Schemes
We should publicise details of those willing to take part in a community vehicle sharing scheme in the Parish Magazine.

Transport and Highways- Provision of Local Bus Services
Provide and publish more readily available and up to date information on bus services in the local area in the Parish Magazine.

Transport and highways – Roads
The Parish Magazine should include regular reminders of the landowners responsibility to cut roadside hedges. The magazine should publish a telephone number to report dangerous road surfaces and overgrown hedges, banks and trees.
We should investigate schemes for reducing accidents on small and narrow lanes. The County Highways Department should be asked to regularly maintain and clear the drains and to make the necessary repairs in good time.

Transport and Highways – Road Signs
A request should be made to the Highways Authority to identify locations where existing signs need repair, replacement and cleaning and where additional signs may be needed- Whitehay Hill was considered to be an urgent case.

Local Services – Neighbourhood Watch
Consultation should take place with the existing coordinator to ascertain the current level of coverage of the scheme.

Local Services- The need for a Community Post Office
We should investigate the need for a Post office and determine the reaction of the community toward linking it to a retail outlet and a licensed premises for social and recreational gatherings.

Environmental Issues – Footpaths
Review all footpaths running through the Parish and identify those that need maintenance, removal of obstructions and erection of signs. We should liase with die Parish council to ensure that die necessary work is carried out without delay. This work has been carried out with the support of the Parish council and we are hoping to produce maps of the paths very soon.

Information and Local Government – Parish Council
The Parish Council should publish its minutes within 14 days of the meeting.
The Parish Magazine should include a report of the Parish Council meetings.
A proper financial base should be established to support die provision of die Parish Magazine and to ensure that it can continue providing necessary local information.
All the items referring to The Council have been carried out.

Information and Local Government-Planning
The Parish Magazine should include brief details of planning applications and die Parish Councils response to them.
That we run a workshop by the planning department to appraise people the planning rules and criteria.

This list only represents those actions which were considered to be urgent. There were many more which were for short, medium or long term action. Those will be addressed in due course. What we need now is a cross section of the community to join the Steering Group to help action the whole plan. If you are interested please contact any members of the Steering Group or the editor of the Parish Magazine. This is a plan for the future so young people will be very welcome.