Withiel Parish Council Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th February 2012

Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 15th February 2012

 Present:  Cllr J Piper – Chairman, Cllr N Mather – Vice Chairman, Cllr E Harper, Cllr I Martyn, Cllr D Hancock, Cllr M Biddick, Cllr D Hore.

Apologies:  Mrs A Worth – Clerk

PLANNING APPLICATION RECD:  PA11/10847  Application for new Anaerobic Digester to convert farmyard manure and silage into renewable energy at Great Brynn Barton Farm, Roche – Messrs George and Christopher Matthews.  Replied Support however concern expressed on visual impact being situated so close to the highway, suggest shielding by planting trees.  Also this plant should only be used for processing waste materials from this farm – no imported materials.  Prop Cllr Harper seconded Cllr Hore.


PLANNING APPLICATION RECD:  PA11/11008 Retrospective consent for installation of a sand school on land at Kerriers, Retire, Withiel – applicant Mrs Tracey Trudgian.  Replied support prop Cllr Hancock seconded Cllr Mather.


PLANNING APPLICATION RECD:  PA12/00384  Construction of shed to house dairy cattle @ Tregawne Farm, Withiel  – Mr M Cherry, MP & JA & PJ Cherry.  Replied Support prop Cllr D Hore seconded Cllr M Biddick.


PLANNING APPLICATION RECD:  PA12/00056 Alterations to garage/workshop annexe replacing flat roof with pitched and providing habitable accommodation ancillary to the main dwelling @ Penosivvi, Ruthern, Bodmin – Mr & Mrs Ray & Claire Arlott

Replied support prop Cllr I Martyn seconded Cllr M Biddick.

All present agreed.


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