Withiel Parish Council Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th March 2012

                 Minutes of the Meeting held at 7pm on Wednesday 7th March 2012

In Withiel Village Hall

 Present:  Cllr J Piper – Chairman, Cllr N Mather – Vice Chairman, Cllr I Martyn, Cllr M Biddick, Cllr E Harper, Parish Clerk – Mrs A Worth.

Also Present: Cornwall Cllr M Martin, 3 members of public.

Cllr Piper invited members of the public to speak and there was nothing to report.


1                    Members Declarations of Interest:  Cllr Piper re planning applic PA11/04399.

2                    Apologies for Absence: Cllr D Hancock

3                    Minutes of the Meeting 1st February & 15th February 2012:  The minutes of 1st Feb were agreed true and correct proposed Cllr Biddick seconded Cllr Martyn with following note:  Cllr Mather advised we need to note that REG Windpower fund is £40k pa available to communities within 5km radius of the site.  There are lots of applications for the fund in the first years and then the applications reduce so we must bear it in mind that the fund is still available in later years.  Cllr Mather went to the public consultations and we need to have a representative to look into this.  It is important to look at a copy of the Parish Plan to see what is required and Clerk to ask Richard Thomas to email a copy to Cllr Mather.  It is also noted that residents require a little more detail under the planning section of the minutes and this will be noted as applicable.

4                    Matters Arising:  Stiles – Clerk explained the urgency of attending to problems with stiles and footpaths and she and Cllr M Martin will contact Hamish Gordon for site meeting with Cllr Piper and Max our footpath man to discuss suitable way forward – which is important as we have received a letter of complaint re footpaths from Pat Ling (Clerk to reply to Pat).  Tenders for footpath cuts – see under footpaths.  Highways – Cllr M Martin advised this is in hand.  Clerk has written to the School organizing the walkers who left gates open earlier in year expressing our concerns.

5                    Finance:  Payments due:  £130.08 Clerk’s Salary, Martin Luck Stationery £22.62 agreed proposed Cllr Hore seconded Cllr Martyn.  Own internal audit due soon in preparation for main audits.  Cllr Piper took books to review. Parish Magazine representative – Cllr N Mather will attend to this proposed Cllr Hore seconded Cllr Martyn.  Cllr Mather will liaise with Richard Thomas re duties.

6                    Standing Orders:  Clerk to forward copies to Cllrs for next meeting.

7                    Planning:  Cllr J Piper declared an interest and vacated the room while PA11/04399 notice of refusal of planning permission was discussed re 50kw wind turbine Bosneives Hill, Withiel.   There was some discussion as to the refusal of similar applications in areas of great landscape value and AONB.  Applications received:  PA12/00402 Installation of ground mounted solar photovoltaic array – Lawellan Farm, Lawellan Lane, Withiel – Mr P Bunyard.  Cllr Mather asked if there was any danger the application may go from domestic to a business one.  It was thought not and it was decided to support the application prop Cllr Harper seconded Cllr Biddick all present agreed.  PA12/01055 Conversion of redundant storage barn to single dwelling – The Barn, Lower Brynn, Roche – Mr G Matthews.  There was discussion and questions as to shared access/access to the property and its present derelict state.  It was decided to support the application prop Cllr Biddick seconded Cllr Harper all present agreed.  Cllr M Martin will re-iterate our comments re Brynn Barton application to the planning department.

8                    Footpaths: Tender received for present year cuts £540.00 from Max Simpson together with copy of insurance cover.  It was proposed to accept this tender by Cllr Hore seconded by Cllr Martyn, all present agreed.  Max will be contacted and asked to liaise re problems with stiles. (Stiles – see under matters arising).

9                    Storage of old files:  Clerk has no space at home and storage needs attention.  Cllr Harper will speak to Richard re fireproof cabinet.  Alternatively 2 small fireproof filing cabinets could be purchased and placed in cellar of Village Hall.  Some old files may be able to go to County Archives.

10                Diamond Jubilee:  Cllr Hancock is collating information and will order some mugs for the children of the Parish of Primary School age.  Cllr Piper will put details in Parish Mag.  Parish Activities need to be clarified.

11                Cemetery:  Simon coy is away at present.

12                Withiel Website: info@withiel.com.

13                Correspondence:  Clerk read out relevant correspondence.

14                Any Other Business:  Further detail in planning notes requested by member of the Parish.

15                      Cornwall Cllr M Martin’s report:

March Report for Withiel Parish Council

Council Update

 The main good news story coming out of County Hall this month was the decision to keep council tax ant the same rate as last year.  There will be a slight increase owing to the precept for the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and of course your own parish precept.  It should remain good for the 2013/14 tax year provided nothing major happens within the finances and grants due to Cornwall Council.

Verbal update on planning enforcement on Dingles wind turbine at Bodmin, planning meeting was held on Tuesday 6 March.

Parish Matters

Major change in the waste and recycling regime – verbal update will be given although more information will be provided to each household.

There have been no other parish matters brought to my attention this past month.

Mick Martin – Cornwall Councillor – Lanivet Division