Withiel Parish Council Minutes of the Meeting held on 3rd October 2012

Withiel Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall at 7.15pm on
Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Present: Cllr J Piper, Cllr N Mather, Cllr M Biddick, Cllr D Hore, Cllr D Hancock, Cllr E Harper, Cllr W I Martyn. Parish Clerk: Mrs C Wilson.
Also Present: Cornwall Cllr M Martin and 3 members of the public.

Cllr Piper welcomed all and gave invitation to members of the public to address the meeting. No members of the public wished to speak.

1. Members’ declarations of interest: Cllr Piper re Item 7c on the agenda.

2. Apologies for absence: PCSO Lloyd Paynter.

3. Minutes:
a. The minutes of the public meeting of 6th September 2012 were approved and signed with one amendment striking Item 12 because it was duplicated from Item 3. Carried unanimously.
b. The minutes of the closed meeting to appoint the new Clerk, 6th September 2012, were approved and signed. Carried unanimously.

4. Matters Arising:
a. Introduction of new Clerk – see item 5.
b. Remaining Register of Interest forms completed and handed in. Cllr Mather’s was lost in the Parish Clerk shuffle. He will complete form again.
c. Further discussion of Bodmin Forum Grant. Cornwall Cllr Martin urged Withiel to apply by writing to Cllr A Kerridge. It was agreed to ask for a grant for a Public Address System. Cllr Mather to write.

5. Hand over to new Clerk: Cllr Piper read out Mrs Dingle’s resignation letter. Mrs Wilson was warmly welcomed.

6. Finance: Payments due – Clerks Salary & expenses £132.24. Payment agreed, proposed Cllr Mather, seconded Cllr Hore.

7. Planning:
a. PA12/04009 Retrospective application for the retention of solar lean-to extension and store plant house – Barn at Chapel House, Tregawne, Withiel – Mr C Ann. Approved. Cllr Hore proposed; Cllr Harper seconded.
b. PA12/06579 Construction of dormer bungalow at Tianao, Withiel – Mr K Le Nen Davey. Denied. The proposed dwelling is not in keeping with the local vernacular, which is predominantly stone-faced.
c. Advice of appeal PA12/01786 G Ferkin, Oak Tree Lodge, Withiel siting of 100kw 37m wind turbine. Cllr Piper retired for the discussion. We are advised that the Application will go before a higher committee. Withiel Council previously objected and will have the opportunity again to submit a consultee comment during the appeal process.

8. Footpaths: Cllr Hore gave Max Simpson’s report that two styles are not satisfactory. Cllr Hore will liaise with Max to find an adequate solution. One may require steps on either side of wide hedge; the other a ‘kissing gate’ to allow access with a dog, as current solution is not ‘dog friendly’.

9. Correspondence:
a. Local Maintenance Partnership (LMP) advised that payments for this year are delayed. Cllr Hore will ask Max for an invoice. The Clerk will reply to LMP to ask about any deadline.
b. Notice of Election for a Police and Crime Commissioner for the Devon and Cornwall Police Area will be posted on the Notice Board by Cllr Piper.
c. PCSO Lloyd Paynter’s Report:
• I have had a look at the Police Computer and found only one crime has been reported since my last report on 4th September. This was an “Intent to Wound” Offence and is still being investigated by CID.
• As we enter the winter I would like to keep encouraging everyone to continue to be careful when protecting their properties and valued garden equipment. I think we have been rather fortunate in recent months as crime has remained at a very low level in the Parish. With a view that the dark evenings will soon be upon us, the need to remain security conscious is paramount. I am always happy to receive calls about suspicious vehicles or persons and it is always better to be able to check things out than have to chase shadows. Please bear in mind that the price of scrap remains high and that often attracts the wrong type of visitor!!
Contact details for our Police Community Support Officer Paynter will be placed on the Withiel.com website shortly.
d. Felicity Richards of The Green Waste Company wrote to invite the Councillors to visit their recycling facility at Higher Brynn Farm. The Clerk will reply to set a date in the near future.
e. An email was received by the Clerk from Dale Jackson, the architect for a new planning application. He wishes to be advised of the meeting so he can attend. The Clerk is awaiting the application.

10. Any Other Business: Cllr Harper reported on the meeting of the Commoners and the Clerk will contact the Clerk of St Wenn Parish to advise the overhanging branches on the road need attention from Inches Crossroad below Demelza Mill to Lestormer, and request that St Wenn Parish trim their hedges.

11. Cornwall Cllr M Martin’s October Report. Cornwall Councillor – Lanivet Division.
Cornwall Council (CC) Update
• Plans for Vote of No Confidence because of opposition to the Shared Services contract. Localism agenda says Cabinet must listen, but they don’t. [The Vote was passed on Tues, 16 Oct at an extraordinary CC meeting. Jim Currie is now Cornwall Council leader.]
• CC is applying for 10 wind turbine farms on 10 CC farms. There is a petition re the proliferation of wind turbines.
• Cornwall Archive Centre relocation – all the councillors recommended St Austell, the Cabinet decided on Redruth.
• Waste Incinerator – This debate was the most contentious Cllr Martin ever sat on
• Consultation for Governance – because of these types of issues (above) the CC is considering a return to the Committee system, which is more laborious, but one person does not have so much power.
Parish Matters
• I have received a number of complaints regarding noise due to off road motor cycles; this complaint has also been received by the environmental services, planning and health and safety at Cornwall Council and also the police. A multi-agency team has now been set up to deal with the nuisance.
• Dual highway at Temple ¬– there are a couple meetings coming up about the Application, which will be ½ CC and ½ Highways Dept.

12. Date of Next Meeting: Wed, 7th November 2012, 7.15 pm (unless prior meeting required re planning applications). Cllr Piper thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.30 pm.

Christine Wilson – Parish Clerk
20 October 2012