Withiel Parish Council Minutes of the Meeting held on 6 Feb 2013

Withiel Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall at 7.15pm on
Wednesday, 6th February 2013


Present: Cllr J Piper, Cllr N Mather, Cllr M Biddick, Cllr D Hore, Cllr E Harper, Cllr W I Martyn, Cllr D Hancock. Parish Clerk: Mrs C Wilson.
Also Present: CC Mick Martin, 5 members of the public.

The meeting began at 7.15 when the Chairman welcomed all and invited members of the public to address the meeting. No one addressed the meeting.

1. Members’ declarations of interest. None.

2. Apologies for absence. None.

3. Minutes of 23rd January 2013 were amended. ‘Extra-ordinary’ was added to the title and approved unanimously. The minutes of 23rd January were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.

a. Vote to take Item 16 to closed session. In accordance with the 1960 Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act, it was proposed by Cllr Hore, 2nd by Cllr Biddick, and was resolved that the press and public be excluded from the meeting at Item 16 due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed.

4. Finance.

a. Payments due: Clerk’s salary, £100.08 + expenses to be reported up to 31 Jan. Expenses were reported by the Clerk: mileage totalling £40.86 and Bricknells, envelopes & plastic pockets, £5.64. Cheque for £146.58 to the Clerk. Proposed Cllr Hore, 2nd Cllr Biddick, approved.

b. Financial Report. The Clerk presented the councillors with a spreadsheet of expenditures from 1st April 2012 to 31 Jan 2013, actual; the months of Feb-Mar, estimated. All months (actual) coincide with the bank statements. Projected bank balance at 31 March, £1,083.92. This includes the £300 held for the Playing Field Association. VAT refund has not yet been claimed.

5. Matters for Report.

a. Code of Conduct Training. Cllr Mather reported that he and the Clerk had attended the Training in Callington in January. It was very helpful and he highly recommends it to the other councillors, though it would be better if it were closer to home. The main discussion was about Declarations of Interest, now subdivided into Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (submitted by the councillors in the Register of Interests forms) and Non-registerable Interests (i.e., broadly, any association which could be perceived to affect the councillor’s judgement).

6. Playing Field inspection.
• Cllr Hancock, Council representative on the PFA, requested the Clerk read an email from S Coy, Chairman of the PFA, dated 1-2-13. S Coy has requested that the Council consider a future request from the PFA concerning responsibility for the Play Area. The Council awaits the PFA proposal.
• CC Martin explained that there is an advantage to RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), a playing area inspection company. RoSPA can reduce their fee when they make an inspection in conjunction with other Playing Areas in the region.
It was resolved that the Clerk will include the Chairman of the Playing Field Association (PFA) on the Recipient list for Agendas and Minutes. Proposed Cllr Martyn, 2nd Cllr Hancock, passed unanimously.

7. Motorcycle Noise. Report. Cllr Mather reports that he has received no complaints since he last reported on the noise a couple months ago. Henry is keeping records of the times motorcycles are in his field. Henry explained that his field is not being used very much at the moment for motorcycling, only some younger boys; however, noise continues to come from the woods, which are out of his control. The Environmental Enforcement Officer, M Cowie, is still looking into the ownership of the woods.

8. L Hancock’s field, drainage. Report. CC Martin spoke with the owner of the field and the problem is solved.

9. Layby next to Varcoe’s field, drainage & potholes. Report & discussion.
• CC Martin visited the spot with a Highways inspector last week.
• The situation is being reviewed by Highways to see if there is any remedial action.
• It would take thousands of £ to solve the problem completely.
• The main problem is a spring, which is very active at the moment.
• If someone cut a hole in the hedge, that would solve half the problem.
• Is there possibly a drain that is covered up?

10. Planning.

a. Related correspondence.

i. Public Consultation for PA12/10939. 7.00 – 9.00 pm. Wednesday, 13 February, Withiel Village Hall. All invited. You may arrive at any time. Representatives of Kronos Solar will be there. Kronos will announce the consultation in the Cornish Guardian.

ii. John Richards’ objection to PA12/10939, Photovoltaic Solar Park, Kerriers. The Clerk reported that Mr Richards’ objections, which were read out at the meeting on 23rd January still stand. The expanded buffer zone deals with only one of his objections and the other four, detailed in his letter, which have been sent to the Case Officer and posted on the planning website, still stand.

b. Planning decisions. All reported at present.

c. Planning Applications. None at present.

11. PCSO Paynter’s report.

As is the norm I will be out on the Community Van all day Wednesday so will not be present at the meeting.

I am very happy to say that, having researched the Police Computer, I have found no reported crimes since 02/01/13. I am however increasingly concerned about the apparent increase in fly-tipping. I constantly do the miles on patrol looking for the offenders but, as you are all aware there are hundreds of miles of lanes to cover. Please everyone, let us work together to try and bring a few of these inconsiderate folk to account for their actions!! All information is gratefully received, and I promise you, will be researched to the best of my ability.

There have been a lot of reports about travelling salesman targeting the area selling a range of tools. These people are mainly Irish nationals and the goods on offer are, in the main, chainsaws and generators. We have checked out the legal side of their work and it seems that they are effectively distributing for a company based in the Midlands. I can confirm that their paperwork was in order. I guess it is personal choice whether people choose to buy from these people.

Below I have copied a notice that I have circulated to all the Parish Councils in the past month. I am happy to provide more information if anyone requires it.

I am pleased to announce that we will shortly be starting a Farm Watch in the Bodmin area. This scheme is essentially an extension of Neighbourhood Watch and will hopefully provide people within the farming community who register with the opportunity to receive regular updates on matters such as fuel theft, scrap theft, suspect vehicles and all other crime related issues. Although we still live in a very safe area with a low level of crime, prevention is far better than cure, and the more of us that share in preventing the likelihood of crime the better. The more eyes and ears we have then the better the scheme will be!!

On 15th February there will be an event held at The Royal Cornwall Showground known as “Preventing Crime in Rural Communities”. It is being organised in partnership by the Police, NFU and the Country Land and Business Association. It is a day event running between 0930 to 1630hrs and aims to raise awareness of potential crime, preventative measures and schemes such as Horse Watch. To register your attendance please visit www.regonline.co.uk/claswevents or telephone 01249 700281. [This web address doesn’t work. ~ the Clerk]

I look forward to a few people visiting me in the van on my monthly visits.

12. Cornwall Cllr M Martin’s report.

• An interim Chief Executive will be elected in the near future. It is an internal matter.
• The Cornwall Council budget would normally be settled by now, but decisions about the Council Tax Support scheme are causing delays.
• 100% Council Tax support is no longer available, but new support schemes are being worked out.
• A new plastics re-cycling plant is coming online and by Autumn we will be able to recycle all plastics.
• The pro forma budget for the St Dennis incinerator should be finalised soon.
• The Cornwall Local Plan (formerly known as Core Strategy). The Local Plan was cited in order to reject the Bodmin Town Council’s proposal for 3000 new homes. Under the Plan wind turbines and other renewable energy sources will be reviewed.

13. Business for the next meeting.

a. Review of Standing Orders.

14. Correspondence & Invitations. None.

15. Date of next Ordinary Meeting: Wednesday 6th March 2013 @ 7.15 pm (as always, prior meeting may be required re planning applications).

The meeting closed to the public at 8.00 pm with the Chairman thanking those who attended and the councillors remained for the closed session.

16. Response to Cornish Guardian. [Closed Session] The Clerk will write to the Cornish Guardian to request the correction of their article, 4th Jan 2013; Cllrs Piper and Mather will check the letter before it is sent. Proposed Cllr Martyn, 2nd Cllr Biddick, passed unanimously.

The closed meeting ended at 8.30 pm.

Christine Wilson – Parish Clerk
14th February 2013