Withiel Parish Council Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st May 2013

Withiel Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall at 7.15pm on
Wednesday, 1st May 2013

Present: Cllr J Piper, Cllr N Mather, Cllr H Harper, Cllr D Hore, Cllr I Martyn.
Absent: Cllr Biddick, Cllr Hancock
Parish Clerk: Mrs C Wilson.
Also Present: 3 members of the public.

The meeting began at 7.18 after everyone had welcomed Cllr Harper back. The Chairman invited the public to address the meeting. No one addressed the meeting.

1. Members’ declarations of interest. None.
2. Apologies for absence. Cllr Biddick was away on business.  CC Mick Martin sent his apologies.
3. Minutes of 3rd April 2013. It was resolved that the minutes of 3rd April were true and correct. Proposed Cllr Hore, 2nd Cllr Mather, and duly signed by the Chairman.

4. Finance.
a. Internal Auditor’s Report. The Report was not completed. However, the Clerk had received an email which she read out. It explained that the Audit is finished; there are no major issues, but VAT must be reclaimed before August, and Financial Reg 2.2 should be reworded. The Internal Auditor’s report will be an item at the 15 May meeting.
b. Approval of Annual Returns 1st Apr 2012 – 31st Mar 2013 for submission to the Audit Commission. Moved to 15 May meeting.
c. The Clerk reported that the LMP payment of £486 was late, but should be in the account now and there is approx. £250 VAT to claim.

5. Planning.
a. Planning decisions.
b. Related correspondence. An appeal has been made to the Dept for Communities and Local Government for PA12/08570. Demolition of cottage and construction of replacement dwelling. Lower Brynn Cottage, Lower Brynn, Roche. Appellant: Mr N Petherick. Withiel Parish Council did not support the application, 7 Nov 12, Minute 8.a.
c. Planning Applications. PA13/00695. Mr and Mrs John White. Shalimar, Victoria, Roche, St. Austell PL26 8LT. Demolition of bungalow and construction of replacement dwelling. Supported. *** The proposed bungalow will be on the same footprint and a marked improvement on what is there now. The old dwelling is in very bad condition and, therefore, the new bungalow is much needed.

6. PCSO Paynter’s report. No report.
7. Cornwall Cllr M Martin’s report. No report.

8. Business for the next meeting.
a. Finance (as above).

9. Correspondence & Invitations.
a. CALC Code of Conduct Training. The Clerk has provisionally booked 7 places. Shire House Suite, Bodmin 7-9 pm, 10th June 2013. Cost is £12.50 + VAT per delegate.
b. Notice for Annual Parish Meeting. Will be posted on the Notice Board and on the website. No other summons or notice is necessary. The agenda for the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (held on the same evening) will be sent out after the Election results are posted.
c. Affordable Market Research, email 15 April. Offer will be filed with the Neighbourhood Plan information.
d. Pubic Toilets. Offer for cleaning & maintenance. The Clerk wasn’t entirely sure whether it was needed for Withiel, but it is not.

10. Date of Next Meeting
a. Annual Parish Meeting, Wednesday 15th of May 2013, 7.00 pm, chaired by outgoing Chairman. Will hear reports of Parish Organizations. This is also known as the Annual Electors’ Meeting. Proposals may be resolved; however, resolutions are not binding on the Parish Council.
b. Annual Meeting of the Parish Council: will follow after an intermission of 5 minutes during which Declarations of Acceptance of Office will be signed by the Clerk. This meeting will begin with the election of the Chairman, chaired by the outgoing Chairman. NB: The Notice and Agenda for this meeting will be posted after the results of the election are in.
11. As the meeting ended, all Councillors wished to express their thanks to Cllr Piper for his dedication to the Council over the past 23 years and his excellent Chairmanship. Well done. They requested their sentiments be minuted.

The meeting closed at 7.44 pm with the Chairman thanking all those who attended.

Christine Wilson – Parish Clerk
2nd May 2013