Withiel Parish Council Minutes of the Meeting held on 5th June 2013

 Minutes of the meeting held in the Village Hall
Wednesday, 5th June 2013


Present:  Cllr Coy, Cllr Harper, Cllr Kirkby, Cllr Nott-Bower, Cllr Shearer, Cllr Thomas.

Absent:  Cllr Malone

Parish Clerk:  Mrs C Wilson.

Also Present:  CC Chris Batters + 5 members of the public.


The meeting began at 7.15 when the Chairman welcomed all and invited the public to address the meeting.




J Pentland:  Why has the council spent such a high percentage of its precept during its first two months?  Cllr Kirkby said that it would be explained in the Finance section of the meeting.




13-19.   Members’ declarations of interest.  Cllr Kirkby declared an interest in the Planning Application, 13-27c.

13-20.   Apologies for absence.  Cllr Malone, because of work abroad.

13-21.   Minutes.

a.       The minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, 15th May 2013 were deemed true and correct and duly signed by the Chairman.  Proposed Cllr Kirkby, 2nd Cllr Coy.

b.      The draft minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held 15 May 2013 were read and all agreed to the draft.  The minutes will be signed at the next Parish Meeting due to be held on 7 May 2014.

13-22.   Matters for report.

a.       The Clerk advised on the price of Flash Drives, 8Gb, for backup of Council email correspondence and digital files.  The Clerk was asked to purchase 2 Flash Drives.  Proposed Cllr Shearer, 2nd Cllr Nott-Bower.

b.      The Clerk reported that the laptop computer does not turn on and gave the computer to the Chairman who will look into the repair.

13-23.   Councillors’ roles and responsibilities.  Cllr Thomas has taken on the responsibility of posting the Minutes and Agenda on the Notice Board.  The following seven Officers were voted into office unanimously, proposed Cllr Kirkby, 2nd Cllr Shearer.

a.       Rights of Way Officer [Footpaths].  Cllr Shearer.

b.      Communications, which will include the monthly report for Withiel News & Views, pushing for greater Broadband speed, reach & capacity, Website uploads.  Cllr Malone.

c.       Legal and Procedural Officer, which will include Bodmin Community Network, Bodmin Rural Transport Forum, CALC documents, along with other documents.  Cllrs Coy and Nott-Bower.

d.      Hedges & Highways Officer.  Cllr Harper.

e.       Neighbourhood Development Plan Officer.  Cllr Thomas.

f.        Finance & Audit Officer.  Cllr Kirkby.

g.      Planning Officer.  Cllr Coy.


13-24.   Footpaths.

a.       Date to put footpath maintenance to tender in local magazines. Prospects must have proper insurance, but not necessarily be VAT registered as previously mentioned 6-3-13, Minute 5.b.  Postponed until the next meeting so that the new Rights of Way Officer can report.

b.      Response to Local Maintenance Partnership (LMP) offer:  £265, footpath maintenance for 6,626 m of Silver Paths.  It was resolved to continue with the Partnership.  Proposed Cllr Nott-Bower, 2nd Cllr Shearer.  The Clerk forgot the form and it will be signed at the next opportunity.


13-25.   Finance.  Cllr Kirkby reviewed income and expenditures.  If all other expenses stay within budget, £2,406 is estimated for the end of the financial year.  The Clerk handed out a 3-mo real/9-mo estimated Cash Flow for the financial year.

a.       Clerk’s salary clarification.  The Council has asked the Councillors to take on some of the Clerk’s tasks so that her hours may be minimised.  She is asked to work only 18 hours per month in order to keep within the Precept amount.

b.      Outstanding invoices from 15 May meeting & others.  These expenses were resolved unanimously.  Prop. Cllr Shearer, 2nd Cllr Nott-Bower.

i.        Clerk’s April salary £411.16 & expenses £47.45.

ii.      Clerk’s May salary £185.15 & £6.12 expenses.

iii.     CALC membership £133.63

iv.    SLCC membership £63.00

v.      Bricknells £28.95

vi.    CALC Year-end accounts training £24.00

vii.   CALC Working With Your Council Training £240.00

viii. Internal Audit £75.00

ix.     Bricknells £25.13

x.      As resolved at the last meeting:  Withiel Parish Plan, £250.00, for the Parish magazine.


13-26.   Notice Board repair.  Cllr Coy will investigate the cost and report any estimates he receives to the next meeting.


13-27.   Planning.

a.       Planning decisions.  None.

b.      Related correspondence.  None.

c.       Planning Applications.  Ref. No: PA13/03148.  Mr Andrew Varcoe.  Installation of a single wind turbine and associated works.  Land at Hendra Farm, Withiel, Bodmin PL30 5PB.  Cllr Kirkby left the room for the duration of the discussion and vote.  The Chair allowed CC Batters and J. Pentland to speak.  Cllr Harper requested that public participation be confined to the Open Session. It was resolved by a vote of 3-2 to oppose this application.  Cllr Coy wrote the opinion which was read out and approved without change by the Council at the end of the meeting.  Cllr. Thomas requested CC Batters reflect the view of Withiel PC to the Planning Committee so that a site meeting can be organised.

***  Withiel Parish Council does not support this application for a second turbine at Hendra, close by Withiel Cross roads. We consider that this development adds to a proliferation of small windmills in the parish without making any impact on the carbon problem. The Parish (population 351) has four small windmills approved. We believe that the way ahead is to concentrate large windmills at a single site rather than have a proliferation of small windmills. This is exactly what is being proposed at the wind-farm at St Breoke. The existing wind turbine at Hendra does not mitigate the harm of the proposed second turbine; the accumulative negative impact on the landscape, amenity value and tourism of this second Turbine will be unacceptable. The flicker diagram shows that there will be turbine flicker from the proposed turbine on the road from Prince Park to the Withiel Cross roads. The noise diagram puts the 35db circle on land at Trenance. Experience of the extant turbine by those who live in the area shows its noise nuisance is considerable. Finally this is classed as a “small” turbine. It may be small in output (maximum 250Kw), but it is still 149 feet high. This is a very large structure, for a small carbon return. Withiel Parish Council, by a majority vote, recommends refusal of this application.


13-28.   Code of Conduct – Review section 2.6.  The Council resolved (proposed Cllr Shearer, 2nd Cllr Harper) that Section 2.6 will now read:

2.6 You must not accept any gifts or hospitality that you are offered or receive in connection with your official duties as a member that could be seen by the public as likely to influence your judgement in these matters. There is no requirement to register or declare any gifts or hospitality which have been offered or received.


13-29.   Standing Orders – Review.  The S/Os are involved with the Dispensation Policy and Cllr Coy recommended that the review of S/O be postponed until NALC publish their revised S/Os.  Cllr Coy’s recommendation was agreed.


13-30.   Financial Regulations – Review.  Postponed until the next meeting.


13-31.   PCSO Paynter’s report.

As you are aware Laurie had a look at the Police Computer last month (up to 15th May) and there were no reported crimes up to that date. I am delighted to say that the trend up to 28th May has continued.  The Rural Surgeries will continue and are a great way for the public to meet up with us and have a chat. I hope to see some of you there in the future.


13-32.   Cornwall Cllr C Batters’ report.

v    SURGERY hours:  Lanivet:  2nd Saturday, Welcome Stranger, 9.30 – 11.30.

Blisland:  last Saturday, Post Office Café, 10.00 – 12.00.

v    The CC now has a coalition between all parties except Conservative.  The Conservative policy doesn’t differ greatly from the Lib Dem, but they wanted to be in opposition.

v    The Lib Dem manifesto has been accepted with a few minor changes by other parties in the coalition.

v    CC Batters précised the Lib Dem manifesto which includes a desire to make Planning much more transparent.

v    All in all it is a more evenly balanced CC, without heavy ‘bully boys’ who push their plans through regardless.

v    He makes his apologies now because he might not make the next meeting due to a scheduled operation.


13-33.   Business for the next meeting.

a.       Financial Reg review.

b.      CALC officer report.


13-34.   Correspondence & Invitations.

a.       Request from CC to put the Chair and Vice-chair’s emails on the CC website.  Cllrs Thomas and Kirkby agreed.

b.      Roche Remembrance Sunday, 10 Nov 2013.  Roche Council wrote to ask whether we would like to order a Poppy Wreath as in the past.  A ‘Type F, Wreath all over Poppies’ was agreed, proposed Cllr Harper, 2nd Cllr Thomas.


13-35.   Date of Next Meeting.  Wednesday 3rd July 2013, 7.15 pm.


The meeting closed at 9.00 pm with the Chairman thanking all those who attended.


Christine Wilson – Parish Clerk

10th June 2013